About Gauteraux & Co.

Artist and boot maker Ryder Gauteraux was raised in the small ranch town of Mt.Vernon, Oregon. "Looking back now it was a blessing to be raised in a log cabin without a telephone and electricity.

"Back then us kids had to make our own toys and lived like little outlaws on the ranch we called home. " Comments Gauteraux.

After fifteen years of riding bucking horses and staying with friends who had a place for Ryder to set up a make-shift leather shop, Gauteraux began to be recognized as one of the best leather craftsman around. Then when he stepped out into the boot making world it didn't take long for Gauteraux to make a name for himself world wide.

"It got old, running out of room and having to move my shop. So I found the coolest old vacant hotel I could and set it up."

You will now find Gauteraux & Co. based out of the Wallace Corner Hotel built in 1890 in Wallace , Idaho.

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